About Us

We shape music.

2015 - Netherlands

Heliyus is founded by passionate music producers from the Netherlands.

We shape music. We experiment with music.

We talk to music. We make music talk.

Creating music is not only our job, but who we are.


We make music talk.


The perfect balance and tidiness for your track.


Dynamic, space, clarity, punch for your track so it will be ready for streaming or any other playback scenario.

Mixing & Mastering (package)

The complete package for mixing your track and playback scenario.

Ghost Production

The royalties are yours. Quality ghost production for artists that need to focus on their career.

Film & Media Production

Soundtrack and theme music composition for TV, film, radio, web, event and videogame.

Audio & Music Production

Your idea and we guide to help finish your track.

Our work ended up here

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Heliyus Star


7N 4 5TUD70, Amsterdam